Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo Story - Camera FX! .. Day 0!

This is it! The start of a new direction for my Android apps journey.

2012 will be the year Mad Elephant moves to more elegant apps, more inspiring useful apps, better quality games and a higher involvement with its users / customers!

This is your story - Photo Story!

Photo Story is an idea that popped up in my mind a little time ago. It is a camera app, where you can add a custom caption to it, stores geo-tagged details and can show you a story of a trip or an event!

For phase 1, I am just making a basic app where you can snap a picture (with photo effects of course), add a caption, pick some styling, and save the image + share it to all the share-able intents supported in Android.

Hang in there..

The story starts here, right now!

Cheers! And a Wonderful 2012!

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