Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is This Dead?

No... not dead.. just dead-ed for a while... I've got distracted by some other apps and such... this app will be back... I gotta remind myself back to the idea of its implementation.

Hold on folks!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Updates.. lack of!

Well, in about 2 weeks, the app brokw the 1k downloads. I have not gotten to updating the app anyway, so it is interesting how it gets the downloads going.

All I can say is that the Android Market is HUGE! Every developer gets his / her chance.

What IS interesting though is that the simple to-do app that I cooked up in 1 hour... it is trailing the camera app very very closely! And it is higher ranked when I look at all my apps.


Simple List
Camera Effects

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update - downloads and a new GUI!

The download count has steadily increased. Not too bad I'd say. It has passed the 500 mark. Also surprisingly it has received 7 +1 ... surprise surprise.... thanks for all your support folks!

It's received two 1-star ratings so far, both due to app crashing... need to work that one out!

I've also been re-working the GUI. Following are the new GUI designs:

I've also added in all available effects. The first screen has a preview panel at the top which changes as the mode selected changes.

Still working on the caption creation screen and the final share screens... hope they'll be out soon.

Whats your opinion on the new GUI? Colour schemes might change before the final release...



Thursday, January 19, 2012

The stats are in!

Finally, after the bug fix and release of a minor update for Photo Story Camera FX, the stats are in for AppBrain.

I use AppBrain for stats checking as they provide a more useful set of data compared to the Android Market. Give it a go in your apps.

It's interesting the terms that were used to search for my app:

camara effects
fotos beschriften
photo effects

No doubt this is only the first day of stats coming in from AppBrain, it will be interesting to see how it goes further down. Good thing I added some translations to the app's market description!

Update on the download count: 182 downloads.



PS - Working on revamping on the whole UX for the app! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Optimisation 1 - Keywords

I re-checked my app's description, and realised I had not used the word "camera" in it's description at all. So i re-did my description with the word camera.

My app shows up on page 2 for the search term "camera fx". I'm really wondering what is the term more people will use though. I need to be in the top 2 pages for the term "camera" itself.

Download count on the market shows 122. Quite an improvement.

I've also just updated the app in the market, and changed its title to have the word "camera" in front.. it is called Camera Effects - Photo Story now. Thats just the market's title. I need to experiment and see which combo will work best. Lets see how this change goes.


Steady growth

Well, the app is being downloaded somehow. It has hit 72 downloads. I am wondering how people actually find the app. I made a mistake and forgot to include important parts to the manifest file. This has hindered me getting report via appbrain for this.

Will release an app update soon.

I've also released (with about an hour of coding and fine tuning) a simple list todo app... give that a try eh...


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day D - or the D Day!

So i released the app, and it got terrible reception!

I've shared my reasons here, but this show aint over just yet. It will progress till it becomes a successful piece!

Watch me !